We offer banner ads of multiple sizes

(  ads 4 sizes ( 468×60 – 728×90 – 300×250 – 160×600

We accept all sites

Payments are made instantly to – Litcoin ( LTC )

Ban anyone who manipulates the source of visits and clicks

It is preferable to place the ad code in places visible to the visitor

Publisher Traffic is calculated once the ad code is placed

Ad code is tracked on a daily basis

If you are a blog, news or community site, you must have both recent and historical activity, and be regularly active (no inactive sites)

the price


Banner Ads CPM = 0.02$



We offer you a very special price

Your ad is displayed for an entire year

( ads 4 sizes ( 468×60 – 728×90 – 300×250 – 160×600

We have single visits, high quality clicks

Deposit is accepted once you contact us via mail or via Telegram

the price

( Banners 12 Months = $25 ( Displaying 4 ad sizes 

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