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Welcome to BitMedia – Crypto Ad Marketplace, your ultimate solution for driving business growth and acquiring a targeted audience. Since 2014, BitMedia has been at the forefront of digital advertising and marketing, catering specifically to crypto enthusiasts and businesses. With our extensive network spanning over 7000 crypto-related websites, we bring you a wealth of unique and highly targeted audiences.

BitMedia for Publishers

Payment Options

At BitMedia, we offer two primary payment options for publishers: CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising, where you earn for each valid click, and CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions) advertising, where you earn for each valid 1,000 impressions. Rest assured, we continuously explore additional payment options, and any future updates will be promptly communicated to you.

Enabling CPM Traffic

If you’re interested in enabling CPM traffic, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Simply reach out to us through Live chat, email, or get in touch with your dedicated account manager for seamless guidance.

Ad Placement Guidelines

To ensure a high-quality user experience, we allow advertisements only on websites connected to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. We have a strict policy against advertising banner dumps, autoredirects, and other undesirable content, which are promptly banned.

Website Approval Criteria

While we primarily focus on Bitcoin-related websites, we understand that exceptional websites outside this domain may still deserve consideration. In such cases, we evaluate each website individually based on its active and engaging audience and its alignment with our platform’s vision.

Maximum Ad Blocks Allowed

You have the freedom to place up to three ad blocks on a visible part of your website’s page, enabling effective monetization without overwhelming your audience.

Ad Control and Filtering

We prioritize your control over the ads shown on your website. Through your account settings, you can easily block categories such as Adult, Gambling, HYIP, Political, and Pharmacy ads, ensuring the content aligns with your audience’s preferences.

Running Crypto Ads on Google Ads

While BitMedia can run crypto ads on Google Ads, please note that Google imposes specific conditions that must be met. Advertisers must comply with local legal requirements in the targeted country, a process similar to other social media platforms like Facebook.

Withdrawal Process and Timeframe

Upon requesting a withdrawal, you can typically expect to receive your funds within a maximum of seven days. Withdrawals are currently available only in BTC, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

BitMedia for Advertisers

Ad Formats

BitMedia offers four versatile ad formats: text ads, image ads, HTML5 banners, and Responsive Ads. Image ads can be static (JPG or PNG, max size – 200 Kb) or dynamic (GIF, max size – 400 Kb). HTML5 banners are accepted in ZIP format, with a maximum size of 3 MB. Responsive Ads are supported in GIF, JPG, and PNG formats, with a max size of 200 Kb.

Targeting Options

For advertisers, BitMedia provides several targeting options to optimize your campaigns. Currently, you can leverage geo-targeting, device targeting, and daytime targeting. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our offerings with interest targeting and categories of interests.

Expanding Reach with Other Countries/Websites

When selecting countries and websites to target, you have the flexibility to choose traffic from other countries and websites. You can set lower bids for these specific countries or websites, ensuring a cost-effective strategy.

Professional Banner Design Assistance

Don’t worry about creating eye-catching banners yourself. BitMedia offers a full suite of banner design services, where our skilled designers cater to your preferences, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the creative process.

Quality Assurance for Clicks

At BitMedia, we prioritize the quality of clicks. Our anti-fraud team manually checks the majority of clicks, and we also have a custom anti-fraud system in place for automatic verification. Additionally, you can insert UTM-source in your click URL to analyze the effectiveness of our publishers. In case of fraud detection, we take appropriate measures to protect your interests.

Accepted Currencies

To accommodate your preferences, we accept deposits in BTC, USD, USDT, and ETH, ensuring a seamless transaction experience for advertisers.

With Crypto Ad Marketplace, BitMedia empowers both publishers and advertisers to thrive in the crypto advertising landscape. Join us today and unlock unparalleled business growth and audience acquisition opportunities.

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