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Cointraffic is a leading crypto and Bitcoin advertising network that drives highly targeted cryptocurrency audiences through multiple ad formats. The platform has been successfully tested by top cryptocurrency and Bitcoin brands, establishing itself as a niche-specific advertising network since its first release in 2013. Cointraffic offers a connecting solution for advertisers and publishers, saving them time and money.

Cointraffic for Publishers

Cointraffic offers a monetization opportunity for crypto or Bitcoin-related websites, delivering booming results with over 400 crypto publishers. The platform ensures high commissions by accepting only top-quality crypto websites into its network. To maintain a reputable and professional service, Cointraffic rejects low-quality and non-relevant websites. Publishers must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. The website must be related to the cryptocurrency market.
  2. The website must have brand-safe content, including unique and original articles, and a user-friendly interface.
  3. The website must have a minimum unique visitor per month rate of 5,000 and above.

Setting up advertising formats is easy with Cointraffic. Most formats require only one unified code to be added to the website. Cointraffic also offers fast payouts, allowing publishers to receive commissions directly to their Bitcoin wallet or bank account of choice. The platform takes care of monetization, allowing publishers to focus on website development.

Cointraffic for Advertisers

Cointraffic provides a platform for advertisers to drive crypto traffic to their businesses. Quality traffic is crucial for the success of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related projects. Cointraffic offers highly visible ads to target visitors effectively.

Launching an advertising campaign with Cointraffic is quick and easy, taking only 5 minutes. If advertisers don’t have banner designs or press release copies ready, Cointraffic’s team can create them within 24 hours. The platform guarantees the most visible and top-rated positions for ads, resulting in high click-through rates (CTR). Cointraffic ensures a relevant audience by regularly checking the quality and relevance of every crypto website displaying ads. No bot traffic or adult websites are accepted.

Advertisers have access to easy-to-read performance reports, allowing them to optimize campaigns and analyze results. Cointraffic’s ad formats, when used together, help achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). Additional benefits include personal managers, self-service options, and acceptance of crypto and fiat payments. Banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads are among the ad formats available for crypto marketing campaigns.

Ad Formats for Your Crypto Marketing Campaign

Banner Ads

Banner advertising is an essential step in any digital marketing campaign. Cointraffic’s banner ads create visibility that not only brings direct clicks but also helps convert from other channels, maximizing results.

Press Release Distribution

Content is king, and Cointraffic allows advertisers to share their PR stories on up to 150 crypto-related websites, reaching the targeted audience effectively. The platform’s smart Press Release constructor ensures only the best publishers are offered for distribution.

Native Ads

Native ads blend seamlessly with website designs, providing an organic advertising format that drives targeted traffic without compromising user experience. Native ads ensure maximum results for advertisers.

Cointraffic’s self-service tool provides a single, easy-to-use interface for creating, managing, and analyzing the performance of all ad formats. This user-friendly tool simplifies the advertising process and allows advertisers to maximize their campaigns’ effectiveness.

Cointraffic is a leading crypto and Bitcoin advertising network that connects advertisers with a highly targeted cryptocurrency audience. The platform offers high commissions, easy setup, fast payouts, and a wide range of active ads for publishers. Advertisers benefit from quick campaign launches, high CTR, a relevant audience, performance control, and additional features such as personal managers and self-service options. With various ad formats available, including banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads, Cointraffic provides a comprehensive solution for effective crypto marketing campaigns.

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